Chris Grillo is a big comic fan, whether it be printed or on the web. In 2000, he stumbled upon the comics Megatokyo and Real Life Comics. Shortly afterward, he started reading Neobaka and thought to himself, “hey, it’d be cool to do this myself.”

Chris started a webcomic in 2003 while attending classes for graphic design. He used what he learned to make and upload his strips, but couldn’t keep up with them due to working and going to school, and the project was quickly abandoned. In 2006, Chris started reading Overcompensating and Questionable Content, and was inspired to try comics again.

When not making comics, Chris spends his time reading comics, books, playing video games, and other geeky activities.

Along with failing to avoid any… Imperial entanglements.

Ninjas Don’t Knit is a comic that follows the (mis)adventures of Chris and his friends. Some stories are inspired by actual events and conversations, some are evolved from “what if” discussions. Others are entirely random when they’re thought up.Originally conceived in 2002, Ninjas Don’t Knit had an entirely different name, although shared the same “NDK” abbreviation. There were a few strips under the old name, but the project was abandoned due to a busy schedule. The comic relaunched under the name “Ninjas Don’t Knit” in 2007, and occasionally calls upon elements of what the original comic was supposed to be.