I had a great time at the show. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it in the morning, though. Early into the trip, I wasn’t able to avoid a rock on the highway and it destroyed one of my tires. Fortunately I wasn’t going too fast, and the right lane was clear enough for me to move over without driving on it for too long. I’m pretty good at changing tires, and before long I was back on the road.

I set up next to my friend Tiffany Nebzydoski (link coming soon!), who sold her awesome jewelry and some fun Lego minifigure prints.  On my right there was a vendor who specialized in independent comics, and I found some great comics for just 50 cents each. There was a good number of vendors there, but I knew if I visited all of them I’d be tempted to spend too much money.

I got to see my neighbors from GACC, Amy Chace and Paul Benincasa. It was great getting to finally talk to them since at GACC I had to mind the table for most of the day. Their books, Foot Fetish and Transient Tales, respectively, are both excellent reads and I highly recommend checking them out.

I got to have a pleasant chat with Darren Auck, who had some great art for sale. I really wish I had some more cash on me, I’d have loved to pick something up. Hopefully I get to see him at another show soon.

One of the first tables I stopped at was for Hound Comics, where I talked to Luscious (who I met at GACC at the mostly empty webcomic panel). I also got to talk to Mina Sanwald (hope you enjoy the markers!) and Brimstone. They’re a great and talented bunch, and fun to talk to.

Also worth mentioning are Alitha Martinez and Carol Burell. Very talented artists. I gave everyone one of my mini comics, and Carol was kind enough to give me a great sketch card. Once I find a frame small enough, it’s going on my desk for daily inspiration. Alitha had some great comics for sale, but all I was able to get was a button. I’m running out of places to pin buttons on my jacket, but this one was worth it.

If you didn’t make it to the show, I’d recommend checking out everyone’s stuff online. I didn’t get to take any pictures, but I’m thinking of getting a motorized webcam to affix to the top of my display to get a view of the whole convention floor for future shows. I could even do live footage if there’s wifi available. How does that sound?